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  • Kombucha is a sweet, sour, tangy and naturally fizzy drink. It is a healthy replacement to the regular Aerated Soda drinks. Gut-loving live cultures and tasty ingredients with very low sugar and no alcohol. Simply made with 4 ingredients: water, tea, sugar and a kombucha culture
  • We like to keep it old school and not just because it sounds cool. We value quality, tried & true methods which is why Healthy Gut’s live kombucha tea is made using only small batch, long-age brews with farm sourced organic & vegan ingredients.
  • All the delightful effervescence of your favorite sparkling drink is made without using any artificial flavors or sweeteners. We use juices from real, organic fruits and veggies.
  • Healthy Gut promotes Gut Health. It has Living probiotics, antioxidants, and healthy acids (Acetic, lactic, and gluconic acids) to help boost immune and gut health.
  • Best way to enjoy and be guilt free in summers is by opting for a healthy drink like Kombucha. Pour any of our flavours over ice and enjoy the taste of summer.The best naturally flavoured kombucha you’ve ever had; Healthy Gut pairs well with all types of food. Keep your Gut Healthy with Healthy Gut.


Organic Pomegranate, Organic Rosemary, Organic raw kombucha (sparkling water, sugar, black tea leaves, green tea leaves, traditional kombucha culture: yeast, bacteria cultures)

Healthy Gut’s Kombucha is the all time classic with a twist on exotic natural, vegan and organic ingredients. Each live cultured batch is brewed with thoughtfully selected ingredients for maximum taste. This sparkling live cultured drink is the perfect alternative for the next time you’re craving a soda. Pour over ice, pair with a floppy summer hat and you’re good to go.

These Glass Bottles of pure unpasteurized bliss can be stored in the fridge easily.

Did we also mention we’re 100% vegan and use farm sourced ingredients which are organic!

We started Healthy Gut in our kitchen. Since day 1, we’ve been doing things the old school way: long-age brews, small batches, and ONLY the best all-natural farm sourced organic & Vegan ingredients. The result is a super tasty fizzy beverage, with very low sugar.

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