Grabenord Tangy Pizza Pasta Sauce - 300g

This vegan sauce can make your kitchen life convenient by being a base ingredient to most meals, full of flavours and spice. Not only is it great for making Italian staples such as pizzas and pastas, it can also be used as a base in Indian curries as it’s made from tomatoes and onions.

Key Benefits

  • Versatility

    Tangy Pizza Pasta Sauce is a great way to add an Italian flair to any dish. It is extremely versatile and can be used to make traditional Italian dishes like pizzas, pasta, and lasagna, as well as other dishes such as casseroles and sandwiches.

  • Convenience

    Tangy Pizza Pasta Sauce is easy to use and does not require any special equipment or procedures. Just open the jar, heat it up, and add it to your favourite dish.

  • Taste

    Tangy Pizza Pasta Sauce is full of flavorful Italian herbs and spices, making it the perfect way to add a delicious, authentic Italian flavor to any dish.

How To Use

  • As a topping for homemade pizza.

  • As a base for a pasta bake.

  • As a dip for breadsticks or vegetables.

Key Ingredients

  • Soya Oil

    Soya Oil: is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, making it a healthier option than other cooking oils.

  • Spices & Condiments

    Our unique addition of spices and condiments to the sauce, makes the aroma and taste of the food drool worthy, when cooked using Grabenord’s Tangy Pizza Pasta Sauce.

  • Tomato Paste

    Tomato paste is often added to pesto to provide a bright and slightly sweet flavour. It is rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants and is a great source of dietary fibre and potassium.

  • Is this vegetarian?

    Our sauces are exclusively composed of plant-derived ingredients, adhering to a vegan lifestyle.

  • What is the self-life of this product?

    This product can be enjoyed for 8 Months. Make sure you store it in cool and dry place. Once opened need to be refrigerated and consumed within 10 days of opening. 

  • What are the ingredients of this Dip?

    Tomatoes, Tomato Paste, Sugar, Water, Refined Soyabean Oil, Iodised Salt, Spices & Condiments, Permitted Acidity Regulator, Herbs & Seasoning, Permitted Antioxidant, Permitted Emulsifier & Stabilizer

  • Can I use this in my weight management plans?

    Yes, this sauce can be integrated into weight management plans; however, it is advised to use it in a moderate fashion.

  • Is it healthy for kids?

    Yes, it’s healthy for kids’ consumption too. However, we would recommend using it in moderation.

  • I am lactose intolerant; Can I use this?

    Yes, it is suitable for people who are lactose intolerant.