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vegan restaurants in delhi

Discover Best Vegan Restaurants in Delhi to Visit in 2023

Delhi, the capital city of India, is renowned for its rich history, bustling markets, and of course, its diverse and delectable cuisine. Whether you're a foodie or someone who simply appreciates good food, Delhi has something to offer for everyone. From quaint cafes to exquisite fine-dining establishments, here are some must-visit Vegan Restaurants in Delhi that will tantalize your taste buds.

  1. Rose Cafe

    Rose Cafe is a charming eatery that transports you to a floral wonderland. With its cozy ambiance and exquisite menu, this cafe is perfect for a leisurely brunch or an intimate dinner. Indulge in their delicious pastas, grilled cheese sandwiches, and decadent desserts with this vegan restaurants in delhi.

    Location 264, Westend Marg, Butterfly Park, Saiyad Ul Ajaib Extension, Saket
    Contact 09899055665.
    Reviews 4.1 Star Ratings (Based on 3589 reviews till date)
  2. Cafe Turtle

    Cafe Turtle is a popular haunt for bookworms and coffee enthusiasts. Browse through their extensive collection of books while savoring their aromatic coffee and freshly baked goodies. Don't miss their signature sandwiches and salads.

    Location No: 8, Nizamuddin East Market, New Delhi, Delhi 110003
    Contact 01141826124
    Reviews 3.7 Star Ratings (Based on 359 reviews till date)
  3. Perch Wine & Coffee Bar

    Perch Wine & Coffee Bar is a haven for connoisseurs of both fine wines and artisanal coffee. Enjoy a leisurely evening sipping on their curated selection of wines or indulge in their specialty coffees and delectable small plates. Considered to be one of the top vegan restaurants in delhi

    Location 71, Khan Market, Rabindra Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003
    Contact 08373976637
    Reviews 4.4 Star Ratings (Based on 1575 reviews till date)
  4. Greenr Cafe

    This plant-based eatery offers a refreshing menu of healthy and sustainable dishes. From hearty salads to nourishing bowls, Greenr Cafe is a paradise for health-conscious food lovers looking for vegan restaurants in delhi.

    Location 32nd Avenue, Sector 15 Part 2, Sector 15, Gurugram, Haryana 122022
    Contact 07042575339
    Reviews 4.5 Star Ratings (Based on 2616 reviews till date)
  5. vegan restaurants in delhi
  6. Burma Burma Restaurant & Tea Room

    Transport yourself to the enchanting land of Myanmar at Burma Burma Restaurant & Tea Room, situated in Select CityWalk Mall, Saket. Indulge in their authentic Burmese delicacies, including their renowned tea leaf salad and flavorful curries.

    Location Select CityWalk Mall, Saket, District Centre, S-25, Second Floor , A 3, New Delhi, Delhi 110017
    Contact 01149145809
    Reviews 4.5 Star Ratings (Based on 1940 reviews till date)
  7. Getafix

    Getafix (vegan restaurants in delhi) is a delightful spot for health-conscious individuals. Its menu offers a range of nutritious options, including smoothie bowls, salads, and guilt-free desserts.

    Location Kailash Colony Market, HS 17, Ground Floor, New Delhi, Delhi 110048
    Contact 08800203503
    Reviews 4.3 Star Ratings (Based on 1034 reviews till date)
  8. Roadhouse Cafe

    Roadhouse Cafe is a casual dining destination perfect for grabbing a bite with friends or family looking for vegan restaurants in delhi. Relish their scrumptious pizzas, burgers, and pasta dishes while enjoying the lively atmosphere.

    Location M 22 Second floor GK 1 M Block Market, New Delhi, Delhi 110048
    Contact 09650050618
    Reviews 4.3 Star Ratings (Based on 997 reviews till date)
  9. vegan restaurants in delhi
  10. People of Tomorrow

    It's eclectic menu and vibrant decor, this eatery offers a unique dining experience. Don't miss their innovative cocktails and signature dishes.

    Location People of Tomorrow, The Dhan Mill, 100 Feet Rd, Chhatarpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110074
    Contact 09315916153
    Reviews 4.4 Star Ratings (Based on 90 reviews till date)
  11. Loving Hut - The Vegan Paradise

    Among one of the must visit vegan restaurants in delhi, this eatery serves delectable vegan dishes that are both nutritious and flavorful. Sample their plant-based delights and experience guilt-free indulgence.

    Location Shop No. 7, near Hill Stone Market, near Subhash Chowk, Nambardar Market, Islampur Village, Sector 38, Gurugram, Haryana 122018
    Contact 09872160699
    Reviews 4.6 Star Ratings (Based on 113 reviews till date)
  12. Green Mantis

    Green Mantis is a cozy cafe that blends healthy eating with delightful flavors. Indulge in their nourishing salads, wraps, and smoothies, all made with fresh and organic ingredients.

    Location 19, Khan Market, Rabindra Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003
    Contact 08448815375
    Reviews 4.5 Star Ratings (Based on 176 reviews till date)

These are just a few of the many Among one of the must visit vegan restaurants in delhi with culinary treasures and vegan food products. Whether you're craving international cuisine, authentic regional dishes, or healthy options, the city has a diverse array of eateries to satisfy your cravings. Embark on a culinary adventure and explore the vibrant food scene of Delhi.

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