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How It All Began

In 2018, Shalin Talajia, the Founder and CEO of Grabenord, found himself grappling with a series of gut issues. It was his vegan wife, Dipika Talajia, who urged him to temporarily eliminate dairy from his diet—an advice he had previously brushed aside, hoping the discomfort would eventually subside. However, after adhering to her suggestion for 10 months, Shalin began experiencing significant improvements in his health. This pivotal experience led both Shalin and Dipika to adopt a shared criterion: seeking out vegan and plant-based alternatives in their everyday lives.

Shalin's professional journey intersected with Nirav's during their tenure at a previous organization. Their shared experience led them to attend the Gulfoods exhibition, where they stumbled upon a remarkable plant-based cheese. Eager to introduce this innovative product to the Indian market, they proposed importing and distributing it. However, their proposal was met with reluctance, as they were deemed too small and unprepared for such an endeavor.

Undeterred by this setback, Shalin and Nirav saw an opportunity to embark on their own venture—a journey that would shape the foundation of Grabenord. Their vision was to curate a diverse portfolio of plant-based products tailored to the Indian market. With dedication and perseverance, they commenced their venture, introducing a range of offerings including plant-based cheese, butters, spreads, dips, and healthy kombucha.

Each product reflects meticulous attention to quality and innovation, catering to the evolving preferences of health-conscious consumers in India.

Currently Grabenord's products are widely available, gracing the shelves of esteemed retailers such as Natures Basket, Reliance Signature, and Fresh Pik Stores, alongside numerous other A+ stores across India.

This expansive presence underscores Grabenord's commitment to accessibility, ensuring that its innovative plant-based offerings are within reach of health-conscious consumers nationwide.

A team of hustlers who are highly motivated and share big dreams - the journey has just begun!

Dipika Udhani Talajia

Motivator and Creator

A fashion brand (Adheera) owner, a Shibori Artist, an amazing cook, Dipika has always been passionate about vegan food and probiotics. After turning Vegan, she has always experimented a lot of new stuff which were unimaginably plant based and vegan by nature. She turned vegan when she empathised with the pain and misery of animals that are slaughtered for human consumption. Her journey inspired Shalin and that is how the duo jumped into the creation of Healthy Gut. Having said, a lot of Kombucha flavours that Healthy Gut comprises, came from their home kitchen.

Shalin Talajia

Founder, CEO

It's hard to believe that Kombucha kick-started the idea of Grabenord & Healthy Gut, but that's exactly what happened to Shalin when Dipika asked him to quit dairy for his health and start with home brewed Kombucha instead. After seeing how his life had turned around, Shalin, Nirav and Viraj, immediately started working upon Grabenord & Healthy Gut and wanted to share the experience of how one can benefit by adapting to a plant based routine with a small lifestyle change. That made him quit his day job and put all his efforts into building the brands that we all know today.

Nirav Mevada

Co Founder, COO

Nirav's journey can only be described as one heck of a roller coaster ride. From handling financial instruments to becoming a business head in one of the leading organic companies to creating amazing recipes for Kombucha and ideating & creating new categories for Grabenord. It has been a thrilling ride for him. Nirav persevered and decided to hone his skills and become an amazing marketer & creator. Combining his love of art and astute business acumen he now heads Grabenord with his 2 founders and best friends.