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Secure Shopping


To ensure secure shopping, we advise to kindly go through the below mentioned statements,


Choose a strong password

  • Use a strong and unique password. Minimum 8 characters required, containing the combination of alpha-numeric and minimum of one special character.
  • Avoid using passwords like 123456, password or name and surname.
  • Try not using dictionary words, or the passwords contain personal information.
  • Passwords are case-sensitive. So be cautious while setting up new passwords.
  • Try not using similar password for multiple accounts.
  • Never forget to log out while using public computer.
  • For security purpose it is recommended to change your password in regular intervals.


Safe and Secure Shopping

  • Grabenord’s first priority is safety and security of customer’s personal data. We try to ensure you with the secure way of transaction process. And your personal information is safe with us.


Don’t share personal information

  • Grabenord never emails or calls to disclose the personal information. Do not share Credit/Debit card details, Bank Account details, or any other personal information. If you get any email or calls regarding this, kindly call our customer care number for the same.


Protect your system from malwares

  • Install a licensed version of anti-malware software.
  • If by chance, you have provided your personal transaction details to the spam or phishing mail then kindly call the concerned Credit/Debit Card company or the Customer-Care department of particular bank.
  • Do not reply to unsolicited messages.


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