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Mozzarella Block (Dairy, Cholesterol & Lactose Free, Cruelty Free, Cashew Based)

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Mozzarella Block (Dairy, Cholesterol & Lactose Free, Cruelty Free, Cashew Based)

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  • Optimum Temperature for storage is 2 to 8 °C.
  • After opening the cheese block, store it again in an air tight container & refrigerate.
  • Do not put the blocks/slices in freezer, it might alter the taste & texture

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  • Under the advised favourable storage conditions, the Cheese Blocks & Slices will remain good for 6 months.
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Tangy, Savory, and Umami – A Mozzarella Cheese Block you won’t believe is made from Cashews! Top your Pizza, Burger, nachos, tacos, enchiladas, crispy French fries or even make stuffed parathas with this mozzarella cheese block right after hitting the gym and these delicacies will never be with guilt as they’ll be loaded with Mozzarella Cheese Block that’s low in cholesterol with retained qualities of it being creamy, and flavorful.

Key Benefits

  • mozzarella cheese block is cholesterol-free

    Mozzarella Cheese Block

    Grabenord’s Mozzarella Cheese Block has lower saturated fats almost 3X lower than the dairy cheese. It is also Cholesterol free and Trans Fat free, makes it a guilt free experience for your taste & health.

  • Mozzarella Cheese Block is Dairy-Free


    Dairy-based mozzarella cheese block can be difficult to digest, especially for those who are lactose intolerant. Vegan Mozzarella Cheese Block is made without dairy, making it easier to digest and more likely to be tolerated by those with digestive issues.

  • mozzarella cheese block has low sodium

    Low Sodium

    Mozzarella cheese block is low in sodium. This is important for anyone who is trying to reduce their salt intake, as most cheeses are high in sodium.

How To Use

  • Use mozzarella cheese block for baked mozzarella sticks

    Baked Mozzarella Sticks

    This classic appetizer is a favorite among mozzarella cheese block lovers. To make your own, simply cut mozzarella cheese block into sticks, roll in breadcrumbs, and bake in the oven for a few minutes until golden.

  • Make mozzarella pizza with mozzarella cheese block

    Mozzarella Pizza

    Make your own at home by using mozzarella cheese block and spreading a store-bought or homemade pizza sauce over a pre-made crust.

  • mozzarella cheese block to make caprese salad

    Caprese Salad

    This Italian-inspired dish is a great way to use mozzarella cheese block. Simply layer thick slices of tomato, mozzarella cheese block, and fresh basil leaves on a plate.

Key Ingredients

  • mozzarella cheese block made using coconut oil

    Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is a type of edible oil that is derived from the pulp of mature coconuts. It is high in saturated fat, making it a popular choice for cooking and baking.

  • mozzarella cheese block has goodsource of potato starch

    Potato Starch

    Potato starch is a type of starch that is derived from potatoes. Potato starch is gluten-free and provides a good source of complex carbohydrates.

  • agar agar

    Agar Agar

    Agar agar is a vegan gelatin made from red algae. Agar agar is popular in Asian cuisine and is known for its health benefits, such as aiding digestion and supporting weight loss.

  • Is mozzarella cheese block vegan?

    Yes, this mozzarella cheese block is plant based and dairy free, vegan.

  • What is the self-life of this mozzarella cheese block?

    this mozzarella cheese block can be enjoyed for 180 days. The optimum storage temperature for our mozzarella cheese block is 1 to 8 degrees.

  • Can I use mozzarella cheese block in my weight management plans?

    Yes, this mozzarella cheese block can be integrated into weight management plans; however, it is advised to use it in a moderate fashion.

  • I am lactose intolerant; can I have this mozzarella cheese block?

    Yes, this mozzarella cheese block is suitable for people who are lactose intolerant. It is a 100% Plant Based, dairy free and lactose free mozzarella cheese block.

  • Does Grabenord’s mozzarella cheese block taste like dairy cheese?

    Yes, this mozzarella cheese block melts, grates, tastes and smells just like any other dairy cheese.

  • Why should I select plant based mozzarella cheese block over dairy Cheese?

    Our Plant Based mozzarella cheese block is low in saturated fat compared to the dairy cheese and it has Zero Trans Fat & it is Cholesterol Free, so, after consulting your physician, even those people with high cholesterol & with heart problems can consume in an appropriate proportion.

  • Can mozzarella cheese block be used like dairy cheese?

    Yes, mozzarella cheese block can be used as a 1:1 replacement to the dairy cheese. Please refer to “How to use” section to see a couple of use cases.

  • Do you need to refrigerate this mozzarella cheese block?

    Yes, it is compulsory to refrigerate this mozzarella cheese block on receiving otherwise the texture will be spoilt. The optimum storage temperature for our butter is 1 to 8 degrees.

  • Is Lactic acid used in this mozzarella cheese block also dairy free?

    Lactic Acid is an acidity regulator and is used from a vegan source, hence it is lactose free and dairy free in nature.

  • What other products do Grabenord has to offer?

    Discover Mozzarella Cheese Block, a heart-healthy, cholesterol-free delight for the health-conscious and those managing cholesterol. Our cheese is a perfect blend of taste and nutrition, catering to your craving without compromise. Explore our vegan food range, including Vegan Butter, Cheddar cheese price, Vegan Cheese, and Parmesan cheese india. Pair these with our kombucha drink for a complete gourmet experience. Savor the taste of traditional cheese with the benefits of plant-based vegan products. Choose Grabenord, where health meets taste in every bite.

Grabenord's Dairy Alternative mozzarella cheese block

Point of Comparison

Traditional Dairy mozzarella cheese block

Cashew paste, Coconut Oil, Potato Starch

Mozzarella cheese block's ingredients


Traditional dairy ingredients

Mozzarella cheese block is Made using cashews milk and coconut oil, which have a lower environmental impact compared to dairy production.

mozzarella cheese block is environmental friendly

Environmental Sustainability

It requires significant resources like land, water, and energy for dairy farming. According to the FAO, livestock production is responsible for approximately 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Lactose-free, mozzarella cheese block is suitable for individuals with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies. 

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, approximately 65% of the global population has some level of lactose intolerance.

mozzarella cheese block is lactose-free

Lactose Content

mozzarella cheese block Contains lactose, which may cause discomfort or allergic reactions in lactose-intolerant individuals.

mozzarella cheese block contain No animal ingredients or by-products used, it is 100% Cruelty Free.

mozzarella cheese block is Cruelty-Free


Dairy Cheese is obtained from milk, which involves animal farming practices. The conditions and treatment of animals vary across different dairy farms and regions.

Texture of mozzarella cheese block is Similar to dairy cheese

mozzarella cheese block is similar to dairy cheese


Traditional dairy cheese texture

mozzarella cheese block has a shelf life of 6 months under refrigeration

mozzarella cheese block has good shelf life

Shelf Life

Dairy Cheese have a shelf life of 2 months to 6 months depending upon different brands.

mozzarella cheese block Unbelievably melts like dairy cheese

mozzarella cheese block is melt like dairy cheese

Melting Capability

Melts similar to dairy cheese

Customer Reviews

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Taraasha T

Something about this specific cheese that tastes so good, better than any other popular vegan mozzarella brands. When you make pizza with this cheese it’s got such a good taste and I’ve tried many different kinds of vegan mozerellas internationally. I would definitely recommend every vegan/plant based person to try this. Dairy cheese finally seems to be replaced.

Bharani muniraj

Order Id: 3823

Mohammad Sidiq Malik

Not received

Gnaneshwari Ellabathina

Mozzarella Block (Dairy, Cholesterol & Lactose Free, Cruelty Free, Cashew Based)

Krishna muhammad Ashish
Order id: 3841

Love you Grabenord 💚💚💚