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Lemongrass Ginger Kombucha – 330ml

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Lemongrass Ginger Kombucha – 330ml

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Storage Details

  • Refrigerate it on receiving the product.
  • Optimum Temperature for storage is 2 to 8 °C.
  • Consume it after opening.
  • Do not put the Kombucha in the freezer, it will kill the healthy microbes present in the kombucha.

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  • Under the advised favourable storage conditions, the Kombucha will remain good for 6 months.
  • Consume it immediately on opening.

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Grabenord Kombucha lemon flavor is a sweet, sour, tangy and naturally fizzy drink. kombucha lemon flavor is a healthy replacement to the regular Aerated Soda drinks. Gut-loving live cultures and tasty ingredients with very low sugar and no alcohol. Simply made with 4 ingredients: water, tea, sugar and a kombucha culture

Key Benefits

  • kombucha lemon flavor is antioxidants

    Detoxifies the body

    Kombucha tea is packed with antioxidants, which help to rid the body of toxins.

  • kombucha lemon flavor is healthy

    Aids digestion

    kombucha lemon flavor contains beneficial bacteria and yeast, which can help promote healthy digestion.

  • kombucha lemon flavor boots the immune system

    Enhances the immune system

    kombucha lemon flavor contains beneficial vitamins and minerals that can help boost the immune system.

Key Ingredients

  • kombucha lemon flavor is dairy-free

    Organic Lemongrass

    Organic kombucha lemon flavor has a soothing fragrance and it's a great source of antioxidants. kombucha lemon flavor also has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • kombucha lemon flavor is plant-based

    Organic Ginger

    Organic Ginger is a root that has a strong, spicy flavour. It has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. Both the ginger and the kombucha have numerous antioxidants and these antioxidants are used by our body to fight free radicals that can damage your cells. With this combo, it makes sure no free radical lasts and you have a healthy and happy body functioning.

  • kombucha lemon flavor is cholesterol-free

    Organic Raw Kombucha

    Our kombucha lemon flavor is made using a combination of Organic herbal teas (Black tea, Green tea, Oolong tea etc) with sulphur free organic sugars which are fermented. kombucha lemon flavor is a symbiotic fermentation and hence the sugars are utilised by the yeast and bacteria to produce the healthy acids which are good for your gut.

  • What Is kombucha lemon flavor?

    kombucha lemon flavor is a fermented tea beverage made with a combination of tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast. The fermentation process produces a variety of beneficial probiotics, enzymes, and other compounds that are thought to have several health benefits. It has been passed down through centuries of eastern tradition.

  • Why does kombucha lemon flavor say on the bottle Do not shake?

    kombucha lemon flavor is naturally effervescent. So, just like other carbonated drinks, it might have a “champagne effect” if you shake. We also say might as we all our bottles are naturally carbonated and hence each bottle shall have different strength of carbonation in it.

  • Is kombucha lemon flavor Healthy?

    kombucha lemon flavor is generally considered safe to drink and is thought to have numerous health benefits, such as aiding digestion, improving joint health, and providing antioxidants.

  • What are the sediments or bits and floaters in the kombucha lemon flavor bottle?

    Do not worry if there are sediments or bits and floaters in the kombucha lemon flavor, they are just the strands of the Kombucha Culture and it indicates that Grabenord’s kombucha lemon flavor is healthy and live. They are consumable with a bit of fruity taste.

  • How much sugar does the Grabenord’s kombucha lemon flavor have?

    kombucha lemon flavor has 3.6g of sugars per 100ml. This is a value which was taken before we bottled the Kombucha, now as it is live in nature and we do not pasteurise the Kombucha, the sugars are still being fermented in the bottle and hence the nutritional values do vary and the sugar levels drop eventually.

  • How much caffeine is present in Grabenord’s kombucha lemon flavor?

    Grabenord’s kombucha lemon flavor is caffeinated because the tea leaves used to make kombucha (black, green, oolong etc) naturally contain caffeine. Although caffeine is naturally found in kombucha, it is extremely minimal, averaging around just 10mg per 100ml serving, barely noticeable to even those sensitive to caffeine. But if we do compare it with a cup of tea that has around 45mg per 100ml serving of caffeine and a cup of brewed coffee has about 100mg per 100ml serving, whereas Kombucha only has 10mg.

  • Where are the ingredients sourced from?

    We are a 100% make in India brand and we source most of our ingredients from single farms and small farmers groups directly. Some of the ingredients are sourced from certified organic farms.

  • How much should I drink kombucha lemon flavor If I am new to Kombucha?

    We recommend you go slow as everybody type is different and hence can start taking around 150 ml per day and then gradually increasing to 900ml per day. It is best for you to determine how much is right for your regular intake.

  • How would I feel after drinking Grabenord’s kombucha lemon flavor?

    If you are new to kombucha lemon flavor, you may experience the detoxifying effects typically associated with a cleanse. This may show up as gas, bloat, or a change in stool. For this reason, we recommend starting with about 150ml and gradually increasing your intake over time. Kombucha is known to make you feel fresh and revitalized. Each bottle contains billions of living probiotics to support gut health and promote overall well-being. The naturally occurring effervescence may also help you feel full and satiated.

  • How does kombucha lemon flavor taste?

    kombucha lemon flavor is a sweet and sour drink with a feel of effervescence in it.

  • What other products do Grabenord has to offer?

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Grabenord's Healthy Naturally Fermented Kombucha Drink

Comparison Factors

Aerated Sugary Drinks

Farm-sourced and hydroponically farmed ingredients



Artificial sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup, additives

Naturally fermented


Fermentation Process

Artificially carbonated

Rich in probiotics, enzymes, and organic acids


Health Benefits


Low sugar content due to fermentation process


Sugar Content

High sugar content

Low calorie content


Calorie Content

High calorie content

Contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants


Nutritional Value

Lacks nutritional value

Promotes a healthy gut microbiome


Impact on Gut Health

No impact on gut health

None reported


Potential Side Effects

Weight gain, tooth decay, increased risk of chronic diseases

Farm-sourced and hydroponically farmed


Source of Ingredients

Synthetic ingredients

Sustainable farming practices


Environmental Impact

High carbon footprint, plastic waste from packaging

Refreshing, diverse flavors from natural ingredients


Taste and Variety

Standardized flavors with artificial taste

Customer Reviews

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Product cost

What makes your product so costly than other available kombucha in Indian market?

Suraj Bhojane
Citrusy Bliss

Bliss in every sip

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Perfect to relax with

crisp and soothing, a perfect beverage for relaxation.

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Chaithra L L
A burst of freshness and warmth in every sip!

The combination of zesty lemongrass and fiery ginger creates a tantalizing flavor that energizes your taste buds.

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G Shristi
Perfect summer drink

It's like a rejuvenating spa treatment for your palate

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