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Oat Milk - Healthy, Dairy Free, Plant-Based, Lactose Free

Oat Milk - Healthy, Dairy Free, Plant-Based, Lactose Free

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Storage Details

  • Store it in an Ambiet Temprature. avoid exposer to Direct Sunlight.
  • Consume it Within 3-4 days after opening and referigerate it.
  • Do not put the Oat Milk in the freezer.

Shelf Life Details

  • Under the advised favourable storage conditions, the Oat Mlk will remain Good for 12 Months.

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Discover the creamy indulgence of our Oat Milk, a dairy-free delight made from the finest oats. Free from dairy, lactose, soy, and nuts, it caters to diverse dietary needs. Versatile and delicious, our Oat Milk elevates every sip and bite with its wholesome goodness. Treat yourself to the smooth, creamy delight of our Oat Milk and savor a healthier, more flavorful alternative to traditional dairy.

Key Ingredients

  • kombucha juice has antioxidants

    Premium Quality Oats

    Plant Mlk oat Drink by Grabenord – a 100% plant-based oat beverage crafted from premium quality oats. Say goodbye to ordinary dairy milk and elevate your experience with this smart, delicious, and nutritious alternative.

  • kombucha juice is promote healthy digestion

    Natural Sweetness

    Grabenord Plant Mlk Oat Beverage Unsweeterned captures the natural sweetness of oats without any added sugar. Enjoy a guilt-free choice perfect for those looking to reduce their sugar intake while savoring a delicious, wholesome beverage.

  • kombucha juice contains beneficial vitamins and minerals

    Creamy and Smooth Texture

    Multi-functional: Grabenord Plant Mlk Oat Drink offers a creamy, smooth texture. This dairy-free alternative is perfect for those wanting a light yet indulgent option, enhancing smoothies, coffee, cereal, and protein shakes with versatile goodness.

Key Benefits

  • kombucha juice is cholesterol-free

    Gentle on your stomach

    Grabenord Plant Mlk Oat Drink is dairy-free and lactose-free, ensuring it's light and easy to digest. Ideal for those with lactose intolerance or dairy protein allergies, it provides a smooth and enjoyable alternative without any discomfort.

  • kombucha juice is plant-based


    Grabenord Plant Mlk Oat Beverage is entirely dairy-free and lactose-free, formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients. Rest assured, it contains no harmful additives or hormones often present in traditional dairy products.

  • kombucha juice is dairy-free

    Source of Calcium and Minerals

    Grabenord Plant Mlk Oat Beverage Unsweetened is rich in calcium and packed with essential minerals. Each serving of 100ml provides 35% of your daily calcium requirements, making it an excellent choice for you and your family.

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